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Digital Composers is proud to present "I Believe, Go Saints All The Way". Originally recorded by the brother and sister group – Harrison Ave. "I Believe” now performed solo by the group’s lead vocalist, "Angela H Bell”, has become what most New Orleans Saints Fans believe is the “Best Saints Song”. ESPN*, and NFL Films* have aired “I Believe” as background music when both companies produced shows about the New Orleans Saints. Writer and producer Alvin Harrison shared, "I Believe was not a difficult song to write. Until its 1987 release, Saints Fans never had winning season. I wrote about the team’s journey through the years, and that year needed to be different. The players, the city, and all Saints Fans throughout the Gulf Coast needed to Believe, and support the Black & Gold like never before. As the Saints won game, after game, the people of New Orleans made I Believe their song of choice at all the radio stations. That year became the 1st year the Saints made the Playoffs”.

Saints Fans! “I Believe, Go Saints All The Way” is NOW available for download. Digitally re-mastered, the original "I Believe", sang by Angela H Bell and Harrison Ave, is an "mp3" file, playable on any MP3 player. Get your copy, and play it everytime the Saints score! 

Also Introducing "Got To Believe". Adding to the Saints Nation excitement, "Got To Believe" is destined to carry on the "I Believe" tradition. Lead vocals are performed by writer, producer, and brother of Angela; Alvin Harrison. Backup vocals for both songs were performed by Gaynell Harrison, Rodney Harrison, Angela H Bell, and Alvin. We Thank you for your continued support.










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